Our Executive Search Team conducts interviews with numerous produce professionals each week, and the opportunities to connect with exceptional candidates really add up each month.

We’re excited to introduce you to our EQiQ program: “Exclusive Quick Introduction of Qualified Professionals.” This program allows you to review one or more of our pre-screened candidates who are not only exceptional in their skills and qualifications but also as individuals. As an interested and qualified employer, you may have the opportunity to review someone from our list of current EQiQ Professionals for a specific role.

Our approach is simple. If you find a candidate who catches your eye, just let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest. There is no cost to investigate, and we’ll be there to support you at every step of the process. There is an Agreement to sign, and if you hire someone you agree to pay our fee.

From managing the vetting process to finding the perfect fit for your organization, we provide major value to ensure a successful hire. We are committed to helping you and the candidate conclude if it’s a fit or not.

Our goal is to avoid orchestrating a bad fit or relationship, and instead facilitate a positive outcome for both parties. Additionally, our Replacement Benefit adds to your peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about EQiQ and how we can support your hiring needs.

The Motivational Maestro #105431431

An exceptional VP of Sales/CRO with over two decades in the produce industry, adept at navigating the latest trends and attracting talented team members. Renowned for outstanding abilities in team development and customer relations across retail, wholesale, and foodservice sectors. Demonstrated success in driving sales growth and improving organizational performance through effective program development strategies. Possesses an extensive network, impeccable […]

Your Next President/GM #265708700

As an accomplished leader in the produce industry, this executive boasts a successful track record of implementing growth initiatives and product launches. They have extensive experience in fostering long-term relationships with major retailers, possess expert knowledge of both domestic and international supply chains, and have managed full P&L responsibilities exceeding $400 million. Bilingual in English and Spanish, with a diverse […]

The Efficiency Architect #402105915

This dynamic VP of Operations & Supply Chain brings a track record of proven growth, cost-cutting expertise, and strategic vision. Has led successful turnarounds, saved over $1M during a pandemic, slashed production costs by 40%, and overseen major construction projects.. With a Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Technology and certifications in HACCP, SQF, and Project Management, this game-changing […]

Head Honcho of Happy Humans (Bilingual) #262603019

Introducing an exceptional VP of HR tailor-made for the produce industry, with a strong background in HR best practices and multi-state employment law expertise. They excel in mentoring, training, and developing managers and HR personnel, leveraging effective communication and relationship-building skills. With a hands-on leadership style, they manage budgets, headcount, and travel efficiently, navigate acquisitions, and optimize HR practices for […]

The Revenue Rainmaker #143384685

A sales pro and passionate leader who excels in delivering superior results and building lasting customer relationships with regional and national retail chains. Expertise includes industry needs assessment, strategic planning, and contract negotiation. Experienced in overseeing up to $100M in annual sales and identifying new revenue streams while implementing procedures to enhance business competitiveness. Polished communication skills and strategic acumen […]

The Production Powerhouse #400542570

An operations expert  for growers of fresh produce, this skilled Director of Operations & Production brings extensive experience and a results-oriented mindset to the table. With a focus on maximizing profit and personnel performance across multiple sites while managing budgeted expenses, this motivated and accomplished professional is an energetic and bilingual manager with exceptional interpersonal skills. They have a strong […]

The Get It There Guru #393963413

Introducing a top-tier Transportation Manager with a razor-sharp mind and an unmatched work ethic. With a natural flair for mentorship, they bring a wealth of knowledge in regulatory compliance, transportation planning, data analysis, risk management, safety programs, and auditing. Their passion for agribusiness operations, coupled with expertise in business development and procurement, sets them apart as a dynamic asset to […]

Market Maverick #343679423

Leveraging over 9 years of success in the produce industry, this Commodity Sales  Manager fosters thriving partnerships that drive results.  Their expertise in relationship building with both growers and retailers has consistently surpassed sales targets, achieving a notable 15% revenue growth.  Strategic thinking and a tenacious approach allow them to navigate complex situations and optimize operations.  This individual is a […]

The Big Cheese: #315029998

A highly respected produce industry leader. With exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, fluency in English and Spanish, and a proven track record of improving company cultures and motivating teams in high-growth companies. Their vast expertise covers farming operations, P&L management, labor relations, systems implementation, food safety, R&D, product development, sales & marketing, sustainability, and executive management – making them the […]