Our Executive Search Team conducts interviews with numerous produce professionals each week, and the opportunities to connect with exceptional candidates really add up each month.

We’re excited to introduce you to our EQiQ program: “Exclusive Quick Introduction of Qualified Professionals.” This program allows you to review one or more of our pre-screened candidates who are not only exceptional in their skills and qualifications but also as individuals. As an interested and qualified employer, you may have the opportunity to review someone from our list of current EQiQ Professionals for a specific role.

Our approach is simple. If you find a candidate who catches your eye, just let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest. There is no cost to investigate, and we’ll be there to support you at every step of the process. There is an Agreement to sign, and if you hire someone you agree to pay our fee.

From managing the vetting process to finding the perfect fit for your organization, we provide major value to ensure a successful hire. We are committed to helping you and the candidate conclude if it’s a fit or not.

Our goal is to avoid orchestrating a bad fit or relationship, and instead facilitate a positive outcome for both parties. Additionally, our Replacement Benefit adds to your peace of mind.

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Highly regarded produce executive with excellent references, a vast network, and 20+ years of experience. Known for expertise in change management, leadership, team development and customer relationships spanning retail, wholesale, and foodservice sectors. Excels in program development, making them a valuable asset to produce organizations.

VP OF SALES 152411727

Dedicated hands-on leader who prioritizes leading by example and team development, serving as a brand ambassador. Excel at connecting with diverse audiences, recognizing its significance for team success. With direct management of sales teams and budget oversight, they are an expert at program execution. Their customer experience includes successful results in the US and Canada, having worked with most of […]


Sourcing and procurement expert with a robust background in grower relations and supply chain management. Their versatile mindset and hands-on experience across small, large, and high-growth companies reflects an entrepreneurial approach. Expertise in fresh, value-added, and CPG sectors and understanding from an operations perspective. As a talented leader, they have successfully managed large teams and cultural change.


An accomplished senior executive with a history of success in leadership. A value-added and national sales expert with financial management, strategic vision, P&L responsibility, collaborative leadership, corporate social responsibility, performance tracking and evaluations and customer relationship management. Their experience spans diverse sectors, including retail, wholesale distribution, C-Stores, natural industry stores, school systems, and national accounts.


Accomplished sales and marketing strategist with a track record of innovation in North America. Led and mentored high performing teams generating over $100M+ in sales and consistently drives value through the launch of new product lines and private label packaging. Adept at cross-functional collaboration to execute visionary initiatives, known for establishing partnerships with major growers, fostering profitable client relationships and […]


Experienced industry leader who excels in customer development with North American retailers. Skilled in strategic planning for growth initiatives. Works with sales teams on growth and product development. Accompanies them to sales meetings. Known for ability to optimize operations and drive profit. Expertise in managing grower contracts, logistics, and supervising growing operations and packing facilities. This candidate is committed to […]


SALES (& MORE) FOR GROWING COMPANIES #399669861 A results-driven professional with success in creative revenue generation. Has gained comprehensive experience while wearing many hats moving up in a high-growth organization. Successfully launched new products from concept to market success. Has excelled driving specialty sales programs across retail and wholesale channels.

COO/CEO: #315029998

A highly respected produce industry leader. With exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, fluency in English and Spanish, and a proven track record of improving company cultures and motivating teams in high-growth companies. Their vast expertise covers farming operations, P&L management, labor relations, systems implementation, food safety, R&D, product development, sales & marketing, sustainability, and executive management – making them the […]

President/GM/CRO: #340687257

This individual is a seasoned leader in the produce industry who has consistently and methodically driven revenue growth and bolstered profitability. Their expertise encompasses a range of critical areas, such as optimizing operations, implementing ERP systems, successfully introducing new products, fostering strong relationships with growers, ensuring adherence to food safety and compliance regulations, providing effective sales leadership, spearheading change management […]

VP of Ag Ops/GM: #138806535

An exceptional agribusiness leader with a passion for entrepreneurship and a wealth of expertise in farming practices, production, and harvesting. With years of experience in both conventional and organic production on small and large-scale farms,this leader has honed their operational knowledge to a fine art. They possess strong business acumen and a proven track record of cost-conscious P&L management. They […]

Director of Supply Chain: #396107639

A remarkable global supply chain expert – forward-thinking, skilled, and knowledgeable in purchasing, supply chain management, finance, logistics, and procurement, with experience spanning diverse cultures. As a respected leader, they’re well-equipped to manage robust projects and deliver performance-based, low-cost solutions, maintaining strong relationships with partners and stakeholders. Their ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to complex […]

Regional/National Sales Manager: #114201216

Meet our talented sales professional, with a proven track record of success in the produce industry. As a Director/Manager of Regional/National Sales, they’ve built strong relationships with major retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons/Safeway, and others. Their expertise includes both commodity and value-added program sales in imported fruit and California vegetables. With a natural ability to develop and maintain […]

Sales Account Manager -(Up and Comer) #394255304

An energetic and resourceful up-and-comer in commodity sales and business development. With 8 years of experience, this individual has honed their skills in bringing on new business while also growing existing accounts across various sectors, including retail, food service, and wholesale. Their ability to build strong relationships and identify new opportunities has been key to their success. They possess a […]