Targeting and selecting from the best talent versus just choosing from the candidates who finds you.

We save you time and money

As the saying goes, time is money. Finding the perfect candidate can be costly when your senior management team is spending countless hours and energy searching for top tier talent. Don’t burden your team with the responsibilities with finding and screening countless applicants for the best fit. Let us do the heavy lifting! We source in a shorter amount of time, so you can focus on meeting the goals of your organization.

We can attract hard-to-find candidates

Not every star candidate is actively looking for a new job. If a candidate is not seeking a new job, you may never know who or where they are. But just because someone is a “passive” candidate doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to work for you! We know how to target, source and directly recruit passive candidates who have the skills and experience you’re looking for. That way, you have a trained professional who’s ready and willing to hit the ground running as soon as they’re hired. Utilizing our extensive network, database and research tools, we can quickly identify candidates who are right for your position, regardless of their job-seeking status.

We know where to look for the best and brightest in the industry

Being a strong executive recruiter means being able to know how and where to find the best talent. Our team has many years of experience honing our craft in the produce industry, developing a deep network of active AND passive job seekers. Our goal is to match the employment opportunities with the best candidate-fit. Our connections, relationships, confidentiality and deep knowledge of the produce industry enables us to know who is currently seeking a new opportunity, along with many other details such as availability, geographic preference, compensation range, employment history, professional reputation in the industry and more.

We manage the entire process, all the way through to the offer and closing

Finding the right candidate is just the start. There is a process, and it must be carefully and professionally managed. Many companies have lost great candidates in the later stages of the hiring process. As professionals, Joe Produce Search’s team of highly experienced Search Consultants know how to manage the situation throughout the process, so that the later stages are smoother and easier to close, all the way through offer, acceptance and on-boarding. This is a vital part of what a professional search consultant adds to the process.